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These Terms & Conditions (hereby referred to as "Terms") serve to govern the use and access of our dashboard and correspondence with our users, (hereby referred to as "Services").

We refer to a user as to any person aged 18 or over who created either a free or a Premium tidyurl.link account.

Thank you for looking into our Terms, because these T&Cs affect legal rights, including dispute resolution in our respective jurisdiction.

By using tidyurl.link, you agree to these Terms & Conditions.

Password & Data Storage

We do not store your password to Instagram. Your tidyurl.link login password is securely encrypted. We will never sell any of your information to third parties. For a more wholesome overview of what data we store, i.e. your personal details, please see our privacy policy.

Using tidyurl.link Services

You must follow and adhere to all information made readily available within our privacy policy when using our Services.

Do not misuse our Services in any way or form.

For instance, do not try to interfere with our Services or attempt an access method other than through our dashboard.

You may use our Services only as permitted by law, including applicable export and re-export control laws and regulations. We may suspend or stop providing our Services to you if you do not comply with our terms or policies or if we are investigating suspected misconduct.

It is your sole responsibility to comply with Instagram rules and any legislation that you are subject to. Using our Services is deemed an own-risk basis, meaning you are responsible for any issues that you encounter with the Instagram platform.

When using our Services you agree that refund requests are processed at the sole discretion of tidyurl.link.

If you feel you are eligible for a refund, the decision is ultimately taken by tidyurl.link. Refunds are processed in a reasonable manner.

For example, if tidyurl.link never worked for you because of a technical error from our side, you will be refunded the full amount.

But if you are just not satisfied with your results, your request may be taken into consideration. tidyurl.link reserves the right to honor or deny refund requests at its sole discretion.

Notable rules

You Must Be Aged 18 or Over to Use tidyurl.link

Services provided by tidyurl.link are strictly unavailable to children under the age of 18. If a child under the age of 18 has provided us with their information without a consenting parent/guardian, please contact us immediately.

The Customer Is Bound to Contract Periods

These Terms remain in effect until the end of the Customer's billing cycle. The Customer is entitled to cancel their contract with us without prior notice or given reason. The Customer is required to cancel their billing at least ONE (1) day prior to the following billing cycle. Otherwise, the Customer is obliged to fulfill the last month of billing prior to cancellation.

Please note that not using an account does not cancel the subscription and related charges.

Billing Cancellation Example

For instance, if your next billing cycle starts on the 27th of June 2019 and you cancel your account on the 26th of June, you won’t be charged for the next billing cycle that would start on the 27th of June 2019 till 26 th of July 2019.

You will pay only for the supplied services for the period 25th of May 2019 to 26th of June 2019.

Even if you cancel your account on the 20th of June 2019 and your next billing cycle starts on the 27th of June 2019, you will still pay for the whole billing cycle up to 26th of June 2019.

On the other hand, if your next billing cycle starts on the 27th of June and you cancel your account on the 27th of June, you will be charged the full price for that month (27th of June 2019 up to 26th of July 2019).

The Customer Agrees Services May Be Delayed Or Suspended Under Force Majeure

While tidyurl.link strives to provide the very best services to the Customer, unforeseeable circumstances may prevent our application to function and to fulfill its purpose.

Otherwise known as "Superior Force," a "Force Majeure" is understood as natural disasters, including fire, flood, earthquakes, storms, hurricanes, other natural disasters, war, invasion, acts of hostility, civil war, rebellions, revolutions, insurrections, military coups, terrorist activity, suspension of electricity or phone services. No party is considered liable under said events. Should the Service to the Customer be postponed, suspended, or canceled under Force Majeure, both the Customer and the Company agree not to hold any party liable.

The Customer Agrees To The Refund Policy as Described

Refund requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The refund policy as described in the Terms of Service does not serve as a guarantee of refund. for a full refund policy please read the refund policy

Refunds for annual subscriptions are provided at the sole discretion of the Company. Refunds are not provided for annual subscriptions if the Service is provided as stated. Fulfillment of Service results in cases of non-refund. 

Refunds When Account Paused

Not using an account means not adding any blocks (Premium or Free, it doesn’t matter) does not cancel the subscription and related charges. It does not pause the subscription itself, meaning it does not affect time until the subscription is renewed or the billing date. We don’t currently credit additional days for days in which the Customer hasn’t added or used any blocks. 

Refunds due to Performance Issues

tidyurl.link isn’t responsible for any of the Customer’s profile performance. This means that the Company and tidyurl.link isn’t responsible for and not limited to the number of followers a Customer has, the number of times Customer’s blocks were clicked or for any kind of engagement with the blocks built or with the Customer’s profile.

While the Company strives to render Services as best as possible, the Company is under no obligation to fulfill requests of refunds.

Refunds due to Untimely Cancellation

Should the Customer cancel the Billing Agreement with the Company in an untimely fashion, the Company are able to fulfill said refund request at its sole discretion. In most instances, the Customer is offered Services for the rest of the paid month. Should an untimely cancellation occur within a reasonable timeframe as determined by the Company as stated in the refund policy, the Customer may be eligible to a refund.

If you believe you should be issued a refund, please reach out to our support team through the email contact[at]tidyurl[dot]linkwith full details of your request. While we strive to be as fair as possible when reviewing a refund request, please keep in mind that refunds are usually provided only under refund policy circumstances.

In total,  By registering on tidyurl.link, the User agrees on all clauses as follows:
Terms & Conditions
1. Acceptance of these terms & conditions means that the User agrees with all its content.
2. After registering on a website, the User agrees to receive information about updates, news, and marketing emails about tidyurl through email.
3.  Any use of the materials of tidyurl.link is possible only with written permission.
4. Tidyurl.link is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any third-party partners in any way.
5. Tidyurl.link is not responsible for refunds if the service has not been used.
6. We will only refund in rare cases due to the nature of the digital industry.
7. Tidyurl.link does not gurantees followers,leads or sales growth, but we will be happy to assist and consult you in how TidyUrl can you help to grow.
8. You agree that upon purchasing our service, you clearly understand and agree with what you are purchasing and will not file a fraudulent dispute.
9. Before you make a purchase decision we advise you to register for a free account and see whether TidyUrl is right fit for your business.
10. We reserve the right to modify, suspend or withdraw the whole or any part of our service or any of its content at any time without notice and without incurring any liability.
11. It is your sole responsibility to check whether the Terms have changed.
12. Page content restrictions: spam, misleading links, affiliate links to misleading advertisements, and incentives are not allowed. Pages having content related to nudity, spam, forex or similar trading, unauthorized content such as logos of popular companies, misleading advertisements or affiliate links to ads networks will be removed automatically by our spam detecting filters. 

Contact tidyurl.link

We appreciate all forms of feedback and welcome you to contact tidyurl.link through the email contact[at]tidyurl[dot]link should there be any in discrepancies, misunderstandings, or other noteworthy mentions regarding the Terms and/or Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Let's grow your social media together!